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https // BSN merit list Punjab Nursing Admission System PNAS PHF Gov Pk Merit List 2024 was released in March 2024. Punjab Nurse Reception System PNAS merit lists were released. Notice for BSN Generic (Male/Female), BSN Generic Nursing 4-year Post RN Diploma and 01 Year Specialization Degree Program download today. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PNAS Merit List 2024. Check it online using your name. Review the PNAS Merit List for 2024 online. The complete pnas2 GOP pk merit lists are available. DGN Punjab is a partner in the development of new colleges and universities. Download merit list 2024 here.

pnas2 phf gop pk 3rd Merit List 2024

ہم تمام امیدواروں کے دل کی وضاحت کو ہم اپنی ویب سائٹ کے ساتھ براہ راست رابطہ کر رہے ہیں، اور انہوں نے ہمیں بتایا کہ تمام کالجوں کی میرٹ لسٹیں  جنوری سے 25 جنوری تک مرحلہ وار آویزاں ہو جائیں ہم آپ کو تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹس اور معلومات کے لیے ہمارے ساتھ عرب کی ترغیب دیتے ہیں۔

PNAS Merit List 2024 1st, 2nd And 3rd Pnas2.Phf.Gop.Pk

Punjab Nursing Admission System’s last date to apply was 16th January 2024. PNAS 3rd Merit List 2024 is going to be released on February 05 to 15, 2024. The Punjab BS Nurses Merit List is accessible via this page or the main website of the department. You can check for updates, announcements, and Nursing Phf Govt Pk related to nursing programs there.

Nursing Phf Gov Pk Merit List Announcement: PNAS 2nd and 3rd Merit List Date:

اگر آپ کی درخواست کسی وجہ سے مسترد ہو گئی ہے تو براے مہربانی اپنی درخواست میں تصیحح کے لئے قریبی ادارے اور تاریخ کا انتخاب کریں۔ آپ کا منتخب کردہ ادارہ ایک دن میں مخصوص تعداد میں (100) درخواستیں تصحیح کرنے کا مجاز ہے، آپ کی منختب شدہ تاریخ میں تصحیح کی جانے والی درخواستوں کی تعداد آویزاں ہے.

PNAS 1st Merit List Date 2024

Candidates on the Fifth Merit List are required to attend the College of Nursing Shahdrah, Lahore to be admitted by FEB 2024. the original Metric and Fsc Results Certificates and Cards with original CNIC/Form A, joining letter, Passport Size Photographs, and voucher for deposit.

2nd Merit List of BSN Generic 2024

Seats will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. All female candidates are encouraged to apply online at

Morning Programs Merit List View/Download (Updated Link)
Afternoon Programs Merit List View/Download (Updated Link) Nursing Merit List

Download PDF

Candidates from all across Punjab Nursing Merit List 2024 Gazette PDF Download this page via the official website

PNAS Merit List 2024 Site:Phf.Gop.Pk

SR Name Of Nursing College Link
1. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala Merit List PDF Download
2. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi Merit List PDF Download
3. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Jhelum Merit List PDF Download
4. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad Merit List PDF Download
5. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Sahiwal Merit List PDF Download
6. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Sheikhpura Merit List PDF Download
7. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Okara Merit List PDF Download
8. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Kasur Merit List PDF Download
9. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Narowal Merit List PDF Download
10. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Hafizabad Merit List PDF Download
11. College of Nursing Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital Gujrat Merit List PDF Download
12. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Mandi Bahud din Merit List PDF Download
13. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Attock Merit List PDF Download
14. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Chakwal Merit List PDF Download
15. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Sargodha Merit List PDF Download
16. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Mianwali Merit List PDF Download
17. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Khushab Merit List PDF Download
18. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Bhakkar Merit List PDF Download
19. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Jhang Merit List PDF Download
20. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Toba Tek Singh Merit List PDF Download
21. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Gojra Merit List PDF Download
22. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Lodhran Merit List PDF Download
23. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Khanewal Merit List PDF Download
24. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Vehari Merit List PDF Download
25. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, PakPattan Merit List PDF Download
26. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Rajanpur Merit List PDF Download
27. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Layyah Merit List PDF Download
28. College of Nursing DHQ Hospital, Bahawal Nagar Merit List PDF Download


SR Merit List


1. Final Merit list for Male and Female Download Now
2. 3rd Merit List Download Now
3. 2nd Merit List Download Now
4. 1st Merit List Download Now
5. Updated Gazette List Download Now
6. Candidate List Download Now
7. Eligibility Criteria Download Now
8. Advertisement Download Now
9. Schedule Download Now

BSN(Generic) 1st Merit List 2024 Download offers the most up-to-date list of the merits in PNAS 1, 2nd, and 3rd and the list of candidates as of the date given by the authorities. This is an amazing opportunity for those who want to assist others.

PNAS Rejection List 2024

This 3rd Merit List will be shortly available for applicants to look over. This is because of the verification process for empty seats.

Post RN Merit List 2024

Online applications for admission to applicants to Punjab Nursing Admission System are accepted via a secure internet page.

Punjab Nursing Admission System Merit List 2024

Click the link to see the application requirements you must meet. There are fifteen nursing colleges have been deemed acceptable by DGNSP to offer BSN general courses (4-year nurses program).

Punjab BSc Nursing Generic Merit List 2024

Candidates with good FSc medical scores can be enrolled in any of Punjab’s fifteen schools of nursing. It is updated frequently. Nursing colleges display third and second merit lists to fill vacant positions. Keep up-to-date with the latest news. This Department of Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education is always keeping watch on what’s happening in the nursing classrooms. schools.

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