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Welcome to the PEC Item Bank System Login and Schools Paper Generation System for SBA-2024. The final-term assessment is scheduled from March 7th to March 20th, 2024. Download PEC item bank papers for all zones and log in to PEC Assessment Zone 1 and Zone 2. The Punjab Government Department of School Education has announced the PEC Examination 2024 dates for grades 1 to 8.

PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 SBA 3rd Term Schedule

The School Based Assessment is set from March 7th to March 20th, 2024. Students can access the PEC Item Bank System through the Web Portal 2024. PEC Assessment 2024 login link is provided below.

Activity Schedule
Final Term Assessment: March 7th 2024
Uploading item bank (Third term): March 14th To 20th 2024
Paper Generation: March 27th, 2024
Result/Report cards: March 31, 2024

PPEC Assessment 3rd Term 2024

Download grade 8 3rd term PEC papers in PDF format. The SBA technique will be utilized for exams in Punjab educational institutions, with PEC Item Bank Keys and PEC Item Bank 2024 offering free online material access.

PEC ITEM Bank System Login Portal

Access the Schools Paper Generation System SBA-2024 and sign in to start your school session. This is a free PEC Item Bank System for users, providing access to PEC item bank keys download PDF and enabling the generation of School-Based Assessment (SBA) 2024 papers for Grade 03-08.

  • The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) Modified How Schools Assessed Students In Grades One Through Eight.
  • The First, Mid, And Final Term Tests Will Create The Student’s Last Result Card Under The New Examination System.
  • A Week Before The Exam, The Question Papers Would Be Distributed To The Schools Via Pack Item Bank.

SBA 3rd Term Syllabus

  • The syllabus for the second term is attached.
  • All the question papers except English and Urdu will be provided bilingually, and schools are given provision to generate other subject papers either in English/Urdu or bilingually.
  • Every school will generate question papers by logging into the Item Bank System (IBS) with a QR code showing complete information of the school with EMIS code II.
  • Marking should be ensured as per standardized keys and rubrics generated with the papers in IBS.
  • All the Chief Executive Officers (DEAs) are requested to take necessary measures to ensure that schools shall use IBS with their own login.

How To Login PEC Item Bank?

PEC modified the assessment method for grades one through eight, with the first, mid, and final term tests contributing to the student’s result card under the new system. Question papers are distributed a week before the exam via Pack Item Bank.

PEC Paper Generation EMIS Code And Login SBA-2024

Heads And AEOS Must Ensure Full Login. Schools Must Download Papers From Their EMIS Code Login, Monitored By PEC Lahore During Exams. Avoid Buying Or Printing Papers From Other Schools’ Logins.

PEC Item Bank System Login

How To Generate Paper In PEC Assessment 2024

  • Login To The System
  • Click On Generate Paper
  • Select A Class From The Paper Grade
  • Select Subject
  • Selection Section
  • Select Auto Paper Generate
  • Click On Generate Paper List And Download Your Paper

SBA Login

All schools generate question papers using the Item Bank System (IBS), ensuring marking as per standardized keys and rubrics. The PEC Lahore team monitors each school during the exam and checks papers by scanning the QR code on them.

SBA 2024 Punjab Examination Commission

PEC Item Bank System Login to Generate and Download SBA Papers 2024 for Zone 1 and 2. Access 2024 for class 7 papers.

Login PEC Item Bank System Web Portal 2024 For Students

Punjab Examination Commission releases the date sheet for internal examinations from Class Nursery to 8th, and PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 is available for Zone 1 & 2 paper downloads.

PEC Paper Generation With EMIS Code And Login SBA-2024

Welcome to PEC Item Bank System login. PEC Item Bank System is designed for School-Based Assessment, providing downloadable papers.

Pecassessment Com School Auth Login

Literacy Department of Punjab includes various districts, and the online bank of test questions and answers is accessible via the PEC Item Bank System portal.

PEC Item Bank 2024 Login

Grades 1 to 8 exam papers are available online from the government’s education department, with detailed instructions on PEC Item Bank System 2024, online login, and document download procedures. The PEC Manual for Paper Generation through Web Portal 2024 prompted the development of this website, facilitating easy access to educational materials.

PEC Item Bank Keys

PEC item bank keys are available for access.

  • To log in to the PEC ITEM Bank, use the following URL:
  • Your username is your School EMIS Code.
  • The default password is: 123456789.


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