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CTD Written Exam Questions from the Past PDF Exam Download along with answers on this page. Examples of questions to be used in The CTD Written Exam Save this page for the quizzes and download the questions. Every single one of the KPK Police written tests and previous papers that were held by ETEA are downloaded right here. On May 9, ETEA stated that it will be conducting an exam for the writing of the newly-created Counter Terrorism Department posts. We have gathered the Counter Terrorism Department exam past papers for written tests in pdf format, which download here. download here for your preparation. This website offers the past exam papers for the ETEA for the posts of Field Operator and junior Field Operator. CTD past papers download them from this page. Field Operator CTD past papers and answers in pdf download at this link for an idea of the criteria for examination.

CTD Police Past Papers PDF For CTD Test Preparation

We are pleased to say that the team at our disposal is hard at work to gather all KPK police test papers. Keep checking back, we’ll upload them shortly and here. BPSC Counter Terrorism Department Corporal Test Pattern Syllabus MCQS Past Papers. CTD Police written test will take place on the 18th of June 2023.

Counter Terrorism Department Police Past Papers Held By ETEA

You can search at Counter Terrorism Department the police’s past papers and sample papers, as well as the writing test syllabus, and test date announcements by ETEA. The entire past papers of the Police department that are held by ETEA are available for download. This site provides an electronic download of the previous Field Operator CTD test papers along with the answers to help you prepare for your test. Now you can download the KPK Police Counter-terrorism Department’s past papers.

CTD Police KPK Written Test Syllabus

ETEA will release the CTD police written test syllabus shortly. The 18th of June, 2023 is the date to take CTD Police written exam. ETEA has also announced the exam time in the fields of Counter Terrorism Department Police Senior field operator (bps-14) field operators (bps-11) as well as junior field officer (bps-09).

Senior Field Operator Past Papers

If you’re in search of Senior Field Operator (bps-14) previous papers, then you’re on exactly the right site. Tests previously administered through the KPK Police Anti-Terrorism Unit are available to download on Studyalerts.pk It is available in the section below that contains all the uploaded past papers published by Etea and other testing companies in the past.

KPK Police ETEA Past Papers with Answers PDF Download

Access for free this CTD Punjab Police Jobs NTS Written Test Syllabus as well as Test Papers Samples right here. Every single one of the KPK Police Counter Terrorism Department’s past papers is here. Download free MCQs PDFs to be used as practice exams. You can look up all the past exam papers below. They are provided by ETEA as well as other KPK testing services in the past.


Download CTD Test Syllabus

CTD Test Past Paper 2022 Download PDF
CTD Test Past Paper 2021 Download PDF
CTD Test Past Paper 2020 Download PDF

CTD Corporal Syllabus 2023

You can download PDF ETEA past papers that contain answers by KPK Police. They are one of the Punjab Police forces and report to the Inspector General Punjab. Junior Field Operator, senior field operator, and field operator’s previous papers in PDF files along with the answers have been uploaded.

ETEA Past Papers For Counter Terrorism DepartmentCorporal Guide

Additionally, ETEA will provide the dates for the Counter Terrorism Department Police Senior field operator (bps-14) field operator (bps-11) as well as junior field operator (bps-09) written tests. ETEA is crucial for both students and candidates as it impacts the chances of getting into engineering and medicine schools or obtaining jobs.

BPSC CTD Corporal Past Papers PDF

The papers can be read at no cost online or downloaded for later reading even if you don’t have access to the internet. All announcements on CTD will include the content weightings that have been submitted by us. Students can utilize past papers to get ideas and examples to familiarize themselves with how ETEA tests are structured.

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CTD KPK ETEA Roll No Slip 2023


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