Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date

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Ziauddin University is thrilled to announce the commencement of admissions for the academic session of 2024, encompassing undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs. Aspiring candidates who are eager to secure admission to Ziauddin University can conveniently apply online through the official website (www.zu.edu.pk) or via the provided link. The university warmly invites individuals to embark on their educational journey with Ziauddin University by submitting their applications before the specified deadline.

Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date

At Ziauddin University, a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered, with a strong emphasis on medical studies and the pursuit of becoming qualified doctors. As a prominent private university, Ziauddin University is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The institution draws its name from the renowned educationist Ziauddin Ahmad and was established in 1995. The Ziauddin Group oversees the university’s research endeavors and provides essential financial support. Serving as a central hub for medical students, the university offers a captivating array of programs that are highly sought-after.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission Ziauddin University Karachi

For admission to Ziauddin University, the minimum qualification required for undergraduate programs is Intermediate Science with a minimum of 70% marks or an A grade. Due to the limited number of seats available, it is essential to submit your admission application promptly. Please note that applications submitted after the specified deadline will not be considered. To stay informed about Ziauddin University admissions, eligibility criteria, and entry test schedules, we encourage you to visit this page regularly. If you encounter any difficulties during the admissions process, kindly reach out to us through the comments box below, and our team will be delighted to assist you.

Ziauddin University Prospectus Download

Ziauddin University takes pride in being recognized as the best private university in Pakistan, offering an extensive range of programs in Health Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law, and MBBS in Karachi, Pakistan. For detailed information regarding Ziauddin University Karachi Admission 2024 Fees, please refer to the official website.

Ziauddin University Online Admission Form

The university is home to numerous departments that work tirelessly to promote education and provide students with exceptional learning opportunities. Recognized as a degree-awarding university by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Ziauddin University offers diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programs in the fields of medical, health, and biomedical engineering. Its overarching mission is to deliver high-quality education to the Muslim community across the subcontinent, nurturing competence, personal fulfillment, and responsible leadership in the realms of science and public service.

Ziauddin University Entry Test Date

Given the significant number of applicants aspiring to join Ziauddin University, it is imperative to act promptly. In 1995, the Sindh Assembly passed Act VI of 1995, leading to the establishment of Ziauddin Medical University. The university’s vision is to cultivate expertise, personal growth, and responsible leadership in the fields of science and public service. Individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degrees with commendable grades will find it considerably easier to secure admission to the diverse medical diploma programs offered by the university.

Admission.Zu.Edu.Pk 2024

To gain admission to Ziauddin University, all candidates are required to successfully complete an entry test. For undergraduate degree programs, candidates must possess a 14-year education qualification, while for postgraduate degree programs, a 16-year education qualification is necessary. Additionally, for admission to postgraduate degree programs, candidates must undergo an Admission Test/GAT Test/NTS, followed by an interview. For candidates interested in pursuing a diploma in Arts in TESOL, a 12-year education qualification is mandatory.

Ziauddin University Fee Structure 2024

To access the fee structure for all admissions at Ziauddin University, we encourage you to visit the official website or refer to the information provided here. Regardless of whether you are applying for reserved seats, open merit, self-finance, or the disability.


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MBBS Admissions

BS Clinical Laboratory Science FCPS Hematology
BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery FCPS Histopathology
Pharm-D Doctor of Pharmacy FCPS Chemical Pathology
Bachelor of Studies in Speech-Language Therapy FCPS Microbiology
Bachelors of Studies in Communication & Media Studies FCPS Gastroenterology
BE Biomedical Engineering FCPS Radiology
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) MD/MS Internal Medicine
Associate Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences MD/MS Emergency Medicine
BS Medical Technology MD/MS General Surgery
Accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy MD/MS Gynae & OBS
MDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery MD/MS Orthopedics
MDS Prosthodontics MD/MS Anesthesiology
MDS Community Dentistry MD/MS Radiotherapy
MDS Orthodontics MD/MS Urology
MDS Periodontology MD/MS Radiology
MDS Science of Dental Materials MCPS Pediatrics
MDS Operative Dentistry FCPS Nephrology
MDS Oral Pathology FCPS Urology
MDS Oral Biology FCPS Paediatrics
FCPS Internal Medicine BS Chemistry
FCPS General Surgery BS Biology
Doctor of Medicine in Clinic Science BS Mathematics
BS Electrical Engineering BS Physics
BS Civil Engineering Associate Degree in Medical Technology
BS Software Engineering Bachelor of Medicine
Doctor of Occupational Therapy Bachelor of Surgery
Accelerated Doctor of Occupational Therapy BS Communication & Media Studies

MSc Admissions

MSc Oral Pathology ME BioElectronics
MSc Periodontology ME Communication and Signal Processing
MSc Community Dentistry ME Telecommunication
MSc Science of Dental Materials Master of Surgery in Clinical Science
MSc Community Dentistry MS Electrical Engineering
ME Biomedical Engineering Master in Speech-Language Pathology

MPhil Admissions

MS/MPhil Physical Therapy MS ENT
MPhil Anatomy MS General Surgery
MPhil Physiology MS Orthopaedic Surgery
MPhil Oral Biology MS Gynaecology and Obstetrics
MPhil Pathology MS Ophthalmology
MPhil Biochemistry MS Ophthalmology
MPhil Pharmacology MS Urology
MPhil Community Health Sciences

PhD Admissions

PhD Anatomy PhD Pathology
PhD Biochemistry PhD Microbiology
PhD Physiology PhD Pharmacy Practice
PhD Pharmacology PhD Pharmacognosy
PhD Electrical Engineering PhD Pharmaceutics

Diploma Admissions

Diploma in Childhood Development & Psychopathology Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
Diploma in Phlebotomy Diploma in Clinics
Diploma in Clinical Pathology Diploma in Anaesthesia
Diploma in Transfusion Medicine Diploma in Dermatology
Diploma in Licensed Practical Nurse Diploma in Family Medicine
Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence Diploma in Medical Oncology
Associate Diploma in Childhood Development and Psychopathology Diploma in Paediatric Medicine
Diploma in Pediatrics Medicine Diploma in Paediatric Medicine
Diploma in Anesthesiology Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Diploma in Health System Management Diploma in Clinical Pathology
Diploma in Hospital Management Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence
Diploma in Fitness & Training Diploma in Medical Technology
Diploma in Fitness & Training

Ziauddin University Karachi Contact Number

Phone: (021) 35862937
Fax: (9221) 5862940
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.zu.edu.pk
Affiliation: Affiliated
Address: Shahrah-e-Humayun, Karachi

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