Dgiskill Freelancing Courses Admission 2024 Last Date

Posted by | Ahmed on | November 8, 2023

Online admission is now open for courses offered by Digiskills in 2024. Digiskills LMS is starting a new semester with the brand new year’s freelancing program batch-05 DSTP 2.0 registrations for no-cost courses for 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to enroll in online courses to develop the top capabilities in the online market, which is completely free. There is no requirement to pay any cost. It’s my recommendation to register on the website as soon as you can.

Dgiskill Freelancing Courses Admission 2024 Last Date

Digiskills has educated more than a million people who earn online today. They publish success experiences on their Digiskills platform to encourage others. There isn’t a specific requirement needed to enroll in this course, but it could be useful for the student to grasp the concepts quickly and easily.

Dgiskill Freelancing Courses Admission Criteria 2024

If you successfully complete the training at Digiskills, you will be awarded a certification and begin working on the largest freelance plate from Fiverr Freelancer, Upwork, freelancer, and Guru, among others. In this particular batch, 250000 seats are offered to all provinces of Pakistan including FATA along with GB to be enrolled. If you do not, you will not be qualified to receive any certification. Freelancing classes are offered across multiple domains at no cost to Pakistani young people who wish to acquire digital techniques and earn an income of a substantial amount from working in their homes.

Digiskills Freelancing Training Courses Registration 2024

Opportunities to share complete information about Digiskills’ training program eligibility requirements, digiskills course list, and application procedure here. I would suggest downloading the digiskills app which is beneficial to watch videos from the free training program.

Digiskills Courses Registration 2024

We will give the Digiskills LMS certificate to each student who has completed this course with success. The courses are created by highly experienced and knowledgeable experts. Digiskills’ head office is located in Islamabad and offers these courses together with the aid of virtual universities.


Apply Online


Www.digiskills.pk Admission 2024


1. Affiliate Marketing Apply Online
2. Amazon Virtual Assistant Apply Online
3. Graphic Designing Apply Online
4. Search Engine Optimization SEO Apply Online
5. Video Editing Apply Online
6. Digital Literacy Apply Online
7. Creative Writing Apply Online
8. Freelancing Apply Online
9. Digital Marketing Apply Online
10. AutoCAD Apply Online
11. E-Commerce Apply Online
12. Communication and Soft Skills Apply Online
13. WordPress Apply Online
14. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Apply Online
15. QuickBooks Apply Online

DigiSkills LMS Portal Login 2024

The institute trains enrolled students with highly skilled professional freelancers within the listed domains. The deadline for registration in DigiSkills for enrollment is June 5, 2024. It is the DigiSkills Program wants to train Pakistani young people, freelancers, housewives, professional students etc. with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to take advantage of opportunities worldwide through online marketplaces, as well as locally to earn enough money to live comfortably.

Contact Information

Address: M.A. Jinnah Campus, Defense Road, Off Rewind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: digiskills.pk

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